Upcoming offsetting penalties with arbitrary energy upgrade work

Recall that according to Article 20 of Law 4178/2013:

With special joint decision of the Ministers of Finance and Environment Energy and Climate Change may be fixed amounts of compensation paid by the implementation of this fee for services, labor and materials for energy upgrading of buildings and static adequacy thereof, for construction before the year 2003 with the specific amounts of the fine provided for in this Act and to the extent of 50% of the predicted specific fine.

We also define any necessary detail for the purposes of this and the documents required to be submitted in the information system for the receipt of amounts paid.

In accordance with the relevant decisions to operations and costs covered, relating to energy, while upgrading to meet the minimum requirements of the Rules of the Energy Performance of Buildings (KENAK) for a static adequacy of repairs and costs to meet the minimum requirements carrying capacity in accordance with Regulation Interventions (KANEPE).

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