who we are

The engineering company - design office of Stefanos Avramidis , Diploma Civil Engineer of the Democritus University of Thrace, was created – founded by him in 2002 in Thessaloniki. The continuous and natural evolution occurred in 2014 with the new name 'sa-engineers' and the development of dynamic already resulted in two new independent office spaces at  West ( I. Xalkidi 54, Square Eptalofou - Ampelokipoi ) and at Central Thessaloniki ( Tzoumagias 10, Square St. Spyridon - Triandria ) .

The logo 'sa-engineers' originated from the unbiased cluster synthesis of the original founder and manager, ''Avramidis Stefanos'' and the word quintessence of service and our scientific training, ''engineer''.

what we do


This branch refers to urban building constructions, counter granting, public constructions, renovation of both apartments and stores and generaly contracting and supervising constructions.



This branch refers to stating arbitrary constructions, excluding from demolition by law 1337/83 and editing certification for civil


This branch refers to licensing urban and industrial structures and facilities, food and accomodation stores and fireprotection
technical studies.


This branch refers to consulting, management of economical as well as of human resourses for constructions and investing developments.


This branch refers to several other services amongst which are supervision of constructions, health and safety engineer and energy ispector.


This branch refers to performing tasks conserning topografy and landmarking, national cascade, settlement transactions, expropriations and acts of correcting applied acts.


Starting from the 'needs' and the vision of a project ...


Placing restrictions and legislation ...


Combining the experience and know-how ...


We conclude technical spirit, the perfect project.

our projects

why us

Modern technical requirements in any kind of design and realization of investments in any form, from establishing a sanitary shop or buying a property until the establishment of a plant-factory, require the support of a group of experienced engineers equipped with consistently, knowledge and accuracy .Each contract award services for us, is the responsibility and challenge with an absolute dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction.This is supported by the already thirteen years of our continious and eveloping presence at the broader technical space, experience and continuous training of our staff .

what our customers say about us

Very good cooperation from the start and fully organised to open my store of massive catering lunch. I was fully guided by him and relievied of the tension and stress of the permit issuing from the corresponding Municipal authorities.Panagiwtis
Within two days he issued the energy certificate – did his best to facilitate us – typhoon.Alexandra
High level of urban building construction quality and after sales care at every level. Responsibility and professionalism at confronting clients even long after sales.Stamatis
Very good at supervising the construction teams and persistance at detail from the original planning until the final result. In addition, flawless and faultless management of the construction site.DALE
Immediate response to our demands, fine with bureaucracy for the issuing of the permit of our helth interest store – no running of me!PSINESAI
Modern and fully functional design of urban structures with excelent kwoledge of legislation and constant supervision of the progress of the projects. We have concluded many urban structrures together, very stable and reliable.Paul
Adapting abilities and a full package of kwoledge – solutions on site.BOBBOS

who I am

Στέφανος Δ. Αβραμίδης

Διπλωματούχος Πολιτικός Μηχανικός Δημοκριτείου Πανεπιστημίου Θράκης.

Πιστοποιημένος επιθεωρητής μεταποιητικών ή συναφών εγκαταστάσεων, σύμφωνα με το Ν. 3982/2011.
Ενεργειακός επιθεωρητής.
Εργολήπτης δημοσίων έργων μέλος ΠΕΣΕΔΕ+ΣΠΕΔΕΘ.
Τεχνικός ασφαλείας μέλος ΣΤΑΕ.
Μέλος ΤΕΕ από το 2001.
Μέλος ΣΠΜΕ.
Συνεχής επαγγελματική κατάρτιση με συμμετοχή σε σεμινάρια και ημερίδες.

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